In June I was asked by Andrew Corrie (Regional Commissioner North West) to chair the Search Group tasked with finding a replacement for Ian Silvester as County Commissioner, as after three and a half years as County Commissioner Ian has moved with his Family from the UK.

Unfortunately, despite a good deal of work by the Search Group, we need to restart the search.

With this in mind Andrew and I are refreshing the Search Group and we need ask once again for you to either volunteer for the role yourself or nominate someone that you believe would make a good County Commissioner.

It would be really good if you had sounded out your nomination before putting their name forward.  In one search that I chaired one person who had been nominated was horrified that they had been nominated.  Most feel honoured that someone thought of them for the role.

It doesn’t matter if several people make the same nomination but it would be really disappointing if a good candidate was overlooked because everyone assumed that someone else would nominate them.

If you would like to understand more about the role there is a vacancy pack which is available at here.

To volunteer or to make a nomination please contact me, Tim Leader, using timleader25@gmail.com.  The Nomination form is here.

If you are really interested but need even more information or would like an informal discussion with Andrew Corrie or myself please let me know.  The closing date for applications is 19thOctober 2018.  We hope to hold interviews in the first part of November.


Tim Leader




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