I would like to congratulate Mark Harrison on his appointment as County Commissioner for East Lancashire!

I’m sure that those of you that have had the opportunity of working with Mark, would also wish to congratulate him.  I would also like to thank Mark for his dedication and enthusiasm in his role as District Commissioner for Bury & Ramsbottom and Bury before that.

I have valued the support of Mark, whilst in my role as County Commissioner for Greater Manchester North.  I would also like to thank Mark and his Team in Bury and Ramsbottom for their time and commitment to Scouting.

We will be announcing the Bury & Ramsbottom District Commissioner Search process shortly.

Currently Rob Pimblett, District Commissioner for Bolton South with Farnworth, will act as District Commissioner for Bury & Ramsbottom.




Ian Silvester

County Commissioner

Greater Manchester North


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